Monday, November 8, 2010

The Whispering Auction Of Kuala Muda

A one of a kind auction takes place at the fish market wholesale market of Kuala Muda, Kedah each morning. Boats of all sizes return with their catch and land on the beachhead next to the market. Crew then pick the catch off the nets and sort them out by type, size and value.

The batches of fish, prawns and other seafood are then brought to the auction floor and placed in plain view of potential buyers. Interested buyers then approach the seller and whispers discreetly the offer price for the lot on sale. The seller collects several bid via this whispering manner and then points to the bidder that has offered the highest. No one knows what the other has offered and the winner wins fair and square.

I think that this spectacle is unique and no other fish auction operates this secretively. This is the first time have seen buyers & sellers whispering to each other.

The tsunami wrecked considerable havoc on the fishing community of Kuala Muda.Homes & means of earning livelyhoods were lost. In fact houses on both sides of the coast road leading to Kuala Muda were obliterated by the wave and many are still rubble today. The entire Jetty and Fish Market were also swept away and they auction the fish under a makeshift tent today while a new permanent structure is being built.

Perkampungan Nelayan Kuala Sungai Muda,Kedah

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