Monday, November 15, 2010

Kapitan Tandoori House

Kapitan TH is a very famous Indian restaurant chain within Penang. Some even believe that this restaurant serves the best Indian cuisine in Penang, especially their significant dishes, which are Tandoori chicken with Naan and chicken Briyani.
For the Briyani, the most famous one should be the chicken Briyani. Usually the rice will be cooked until it is in golden hue but not too oily. The rice that flavored with many spices is serve in a claypot and comes with a light curry gravy. The marinated chicken laid on top of the rice had thick ginger smell and served together with their home-made mayonnaise sauce. Many customers found that the portion of Briyani is quite generous and relatively satisfying.
Other than these, their menu is quite extensive too, which offers various conventional Indian foods like different kinds of roti canai, Naan, Briyani, curries and others. Besides than these ala-carte dishes, Restauran Kapitan also serves plenty of ready cooked dishes with reasonable price. One other very famous drink of this restaurant is the Badam Milk (Almond Milk), which is a kind of cow milk boiled with grinded almod, cashew, nuts and raisin. The boiled raisins and cashew buts adds flavor to this soothing drink, which makes it an wholesome drink.

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